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By: James Paterson
Female teacher helping a student writing in a notebook at their desk.

Learn about why students forget material they’ve covered in class and tips to prevent it from happening in your own classroom.

By: Michelle Bouslog
Teacher standing in the front of a classroom holding a tablet with students at their desks with tablets.

Using technology when teaching can help engage students and get them excited about learning. Check out the coolest EdTech tools of 2019 for your classroom.

By: Janelle Cox
Two young students sitting at desks writing in notebooks.

Incorporating visual learning strategies into your teaching is important for student success, and one way to do that is with sketchnoting. Learn about what sketchnoting is, why visual learning is important, and ways to incoporate sketchnoting in your class.

By: Whitney P. Gordon
Laughing female teacher sitting with smiling students in a classroom.

The modern-day classroom has to account for a variety of learning styles in order to ensure all students’ success. Learn about alternatives to traditional classroom learning, how they better engage students, and why they’ll maximize your effectiveness as a teacher.

By: Michael T. Coleman
Teacher with a group of young students identifying continents on a map in the library.

Making ESL students feel welcome at their new school is vital to their success. Learn how to make ESL students feel part of the school community through family inclusion, cultural learning, utilization of student ambassadors, and a welcoming school environment.



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