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By: Annie Condron

Welcome to the Verizon Wireless Western Civ Final As a calculus teacher, Tom Farber solves problems. When administrators at Farber’s high school cut his copy budget from $500 to $316, he came up with a way to pay for his copies: selling ad space on tests...

By: Dr. N.L. Essex

Teacher liability is a critical issue. You are responsible for your own acts that may result in liability charges, so make certain that you protect yourself against avoidable liability suits.    Here are 5 tips that will minimize potential liability suits.

By: William B.C. Roberts

For better or worse, here are the top 12 presidents to impact American education.   12. Bill Clinton (1993-2001): In 1994, President Clinton signed the Goals 2000: Educate America Act. The Goals 2000 plan was ambitious, setting targets such as the “United States students will be first in the world in mathematics and science achievement.”...

By: Susan Sturm

With an entire class of students’ reading levels to keep track of, it’s easy for your guided reading program to become disorganized. Sometimes it seems you spend more time cleaning than you do teaching! There are some things you can do to help. Follow these simple steps to organize guided reading and make the most of your teaching time...

By: Kim Haynes

Student absences drive teachers crazy – not just the loss of instructional time, which many kids can’t afford, but the make-up assignments and the sneaking suspicion that the student is probably doing more copying than learning...



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